About Us

In the rural Devon workshops The Sign Maker makes signs for both businesses and home owners. Signs range from bespoke cast bronze plaques to simple value house signs, from small slate signs to beautiful oak estate signage, from wheel covers to hanging pub signs. The lists goes on and on.

We also make a large range of memorials and memorial plaques. As well as the more traditional engraved brass plaques we use modern materials such as stone-like corian. Granite wedges, oak crosses and woodland memorials are all made by our craftsmen.

In addition to all our bespoke signs we sell a massive range of standard safety signs. As well as all the standard first aid, fire and warning signs, there are specific ranges for factories, construction, security and car parks. There are also deluxe safety signs and custom made specials, along with posters and safety equipment. Standard signage is all in stock and can be despatched very quickly.

If you're looking for a Custom Home or House Signs, Door Numbers, Stone or Slate Signs, Wooden House Signs, Painted Signs, Cast Metal Name Plates, Sign Boards, Engraved Plaques, Bronze Memorial Plaques, Cast Bronze Signs, Embossed and Enamelled Plates, Corian Signs, Wedding Signs, 4x4 Wheel Covers, Taxidermy Sheilds, Award Plaques or Personalised Gifts please navigate to The Sign Maker - Bespoke plaques and Memorials